Corrupt politicians, the main cause of corruption? Let me tell you what corruption really is.

A man goes to a park with his family. The gatekeeper stops and asks them to get tickets from counter. As he sees the sign board which read ‘Tickets are for children with age 3+’, he decides to take advantage. Just to save a little fraction of his money he won’t hesitate to lie about the age of his 4year old child making him a 3 year old kiddo and ends up with his kids thinking of him as hero-father. And the funny part is, you are afraid of losing your children getting involved in much better version of your-style-of-deception.Lack of knowledge, lack of ethical values.

There are some services and benefits provided by different firms, educational societies and companies. What about that student who tries to save his money, for some course by faking to be a member of any society and euphorically states ‘kissi ko nahi pata’ or ‘koi nahi dekhta’?

Morality has been swept neatly from the society.

Why the hell should i be standing in waiting line? I am a ‘wadere ka beta’, i don’t have the whole day, don’t keep me hanging till night..

And then keep yelling and abusing the politicians ad beaurocrates. We want our nation’s money back from Swiss accounts, so that we can bribe the clerks and staff.

The problem is, we just point out others and poke our nose into their matter, unaware of the shit we are into.

Think positively, act wisely, react politely, advice professionally.We are selfish, base animals crawling across the earth, and because we have got brains, if we try real hard, we can occasionally aspire to something that is less that pure evil.


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