A dreadful society..

Sad, depressed, emotional.
What does it all mean?
Does it describe someone who is a loser in life?
It is a person who was weakened since birth and has emotions very strong; to become sad or depressed at the littlest things.
Who weakens them?
Society does. You, me and every self-centred other person there is.
We talk behind their backs and set rumours about them.
Hence, they become too weak to handle themselves.
They commit the unthinkable for most of us.
They take down their own lives.
Do you now see what a terrible, terrible society we have become?
Will you change your ways?
If you do, you will make many other people’s life much better and you may even be the one who saves them.

Please after reading this, let it stay with you forever.
We, humans, value people’s mistake more than people themselves. And then when it gets too late, all we are left with are the mistakes and regrets that eventually drive us crazy.
Be helpful, caring person and most of all, save someone…


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