A big brown bear

In an arm chair

Taking a nap

Accompanied by a hare

They owned a shop

Of computer hardware

Single storey room

With no stairs

Hare would say prayer

But bear ne’er

They had a friend, a fox

Who worked at a healthcare

Once visited with him

The Times Square

And lost their friend

Had no idea where

It was a happy

A euphoric pair

Living a prosperous life

Both were trillionaire

The society is always harsh

They weren’t aware

“Lets go out

We haven’t gone anywere

Since Glat the fox lost”

Said the Bear

So one day they visited

A fun fare

They got in way

Of a wheelchair

There was sitting

An outraged billionaire

Holding in his hand

Sharp and pointed earthenware

They poor guys were clueless

About any sort of warfare

So they got stabbed

Their blood swished in the air

This story has nothing to do

With any kind of affair

Keep your mind calm

To avoid wear and tear


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